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3 Tips to Prevent Moths

MothHave you ever wondered why moths are attracted to light? Scientists who study moths for a living have their theories. Many believe that moths have an inner compass that guides their flight paths across the sky. When a moth feels that it is in danger, it flies quickly toward the nearest light source. Experts believe that moths use the moon as their main source of light since the rotation of the earth forces it to move in the night sky in the moth's perspective. But what can you do to prevent the moths from gathering near your home or porch?

Use Yellow Bulbs

Moths seek the brightest lights they can find. Ordinary light bulbs give off a bright, white light that moths crave. By switching your bulbs to yellow, your porch suddenly becomes less appealing to the moths. If you live on a street with other neighbors, they will likely head to another porch instead with brighter lights. Your neighbors will never know that your yellow bulbs are driving moths toward their homes.

Citronella Oils

Use this handy trick to keep moths and other pests away from your outdoor areas. In the morning spray or paint some citronella oils on your light bulbs. As night falls they should be dry. When you turn the bulbs on at night, the heat will warm up the oil and radiate it to deter moths and other pests. You could also simply burn citronella candles where you want to sit at night.

Install Yard Lights

If you don't want moths near your porch or deck, you could install lights in your yard. The moths would then be attracted to a harmless place where they can freely enjoy the light. Your porch will be left alone, especially if the yard lights emit the light frequencies that moths truly love. The lights in the yard should be a simple, easy distraction from your porch lights. You should be able to enjoy your porch at night after installing yard lights.

Although moths aren't very dangerous, they can be quite annoying. They can also destroy trees in many circumstances. If you follow these steps, you should be able to keep moths away from your general porch vicinity.

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