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It’s almost Spring! Learn about the Springtails!

800px-Orchesella_cinctaWhen springtime arrives, many types of irritating and damaging pests arrive as well. While most pests stay outdoors, some may make their way indoors to find environments that are more conducive to their survival. The springtail is one such insect that occurs naturally outdoors and becomes a huge nuisance when it makes its way inside.

What Are Springtails?

Although one might think that springtails are named for the time of the year during which they are most often seen, this is not actually the case. Their name is derived from the spring-like apparatus on their abdomens that causes them to jump up to five inches when they are startled. These very small insects are typically an eighth of an inch or less in length and come in a variety of colors with black and gray being the most common. Their appearance is similar to that of a flea.

Where Do Springtails Live?

Springtails must have moisture in order to survive. They normally find this outdoors in dirt and under rocks or logs. Homeowners may find them naturally in flowerbeds or woodpiles. Some springtails may even pop out of the snow on a warm winter day although this usually only happens during an infestation.

However, when springtails cannot find the moisture they need in their natural habitats, they may move indoors by crawling underneath doors. They then try to find the moistest environments in the home, which are typically in the kitchen, bathroom or basement. Homeowners may find infestations in basement walls, inside walls that have experienced a burst pipe or around kitchen cabinets, toilets or bathtubs. Sometimes they may even migrate to indoor potted plants to live in the moist soil.

What Problems Do Springtails Cause?

Springtails are typically nothing more than a nuisance. They do not feed on indoor or outdoor plants and do not ruin structures within the home. They also do not bite. Of course, the longer they stay in a home, the more they will reproduce, increasing the problem exponentially.

Professional Help
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