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Are Cat Fleas Only Attracted to Cats?

Kittyply_edit1Cat fleas are little insects that are dark brown or black in color. Although they are not able to fly, they can jump long distances. Once they attach to the host, they use their mouthparts to pierce the skin and drink blood. Their name comes from the fact that they typically prefer cats as their host animal.

How a Cat Flea Works

Throughout the cat flea's life, it will only attach to a live host when it is an adult. For the female flea to lay eggs, she must obtain a fresh blood meal. Once she has had her fill, she lays eggs on the host and the eggs fall anywhere the host moves. For cats, this could mean that the eggs land behind furniture, on the carpet or in the cat's bedding. After the eggs have been laid, it takes two days until it hatches into a larvae. For about 5 to 15 days, the cat flea remains in this worm-like larvae stage until it turns into a pupae.

Does the Cat Flea Only Attach to Cats?

This type of flea is found throughout the world, and it is actually the most common flea species in the United States. Like the name suggests, it prefers cats. If there are not cats around, it will willingly feed on dogs. Out of every species in the world, the cat flea is actually the primary flea that infests dogs globally. It can also bite humans, but the flea would need to feed for 12 hours continuously on a human in order to lay eggs. Due to this, the presence of humans will stop an infestation from being sustainable.

Professional Assistance

Since the cat flea prefers humidity and a dark environment, it will not live for long in sunny locations. Regularly mowed lawns, open areas and sunshine will keep the cat flea away. Although mowing your yard and changing the environment can be helpful, it will not prevent cat fleas entirely. For more questions on cat fleas or for professional assistance, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.


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