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Are Crazy Ants Really Crazy?

Tawny_crazy_ant_(Nylanderia_fulva)_female_workerWhen you first see crazy ants, their movements and erratic behavior seem completely illogical. Running around madly, they will climb your arms, legs and anywhere else that seems interesting to them. Although they do not bite, the constant climbing may drive the homeowner mad. Their insane running, the sheer number of ants and the fact that they drive humans nuts are all reasons why this species has taken on the name of crazy ant.

The Dangers of the Crazy Ant

Although this ant species is not harmful to humans, it has a massive effect on other insects and property. They can kill off beehives, smother chickens, enter the eyes of cows and break electronics. The problem has become so difficult to solve that the Department of Agriculture created a task force to deal with crazy ants. Despite this measure, the crazy ants are still advancing across the south. During autumn, you can see the crazy ants in action as the worker ants start to die. Large swaths of ants pile up against each other like miniature snow drifts, with piles so large that people initially think that they are looking at mulch or stirred up soil.

Treatment and Control Options

At present, there are no over-the-counter pesticides that work on crazy ants. The main issue is dealing with the queens of the colony. Each colony has multiple queens, and every queen must be exterminated or the colony will survive. Even worse, crazy ant colonies only grow once they take hold. To stop or limit their damage, you have to be proactive in treating your home.

Professional Assistance

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