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Autumn means that the rodents are out! Here are some tips to control them.

1024px-apodemus_sylvaticus_bosmuisWith autumn fast approaching, many homeowners in North Carolina and all over the Southeast want to protect their property from rodents and other unwanted pests. The fall season encourages rats and mice to nest and search for food, making it easier for them to hide out in piles of leaves and grass. By staying vigilant, however, it can be easy for anybody to protect their property from these unwanted invaders.

Set Up Traps

Perhaps the quickest way to get rid of rats and mice is to set up traps. These can be particularly useful in the face of a relatively small infestation, especially if you already know that you only have a couple of rodents on the premises. Set up these traps in areas that the rodents frequently use as a point of movement and dispose of them when they are caught. In a relatively small infestation, setting up traps can be enough to take care of the area, but more thorough methods may be necessary in larger contamination scenarios.

Remove Food Sources

If you have a larger infestation, one of the most important things that you need to do is remove open sources of food. These sources are often responsible for attracting rodents in the first place. Seal up food that is left alone in unsealed containers, such as rice, cereal, flour and chips. If you have pets, make sure that you do not leave their food or water out overnight, as this is a sure way to attract unwanted rodent attention. Also, if you have any leaky faucets or pipes around the house, try to fix them as soon as possible. Open trash and compost areas can also be problematic.

Fix Entry Points

With the food situation taken care of, make sure to proceed by preventing future problems. If rodents have an easy way to access the interior of your home, they may return in the future. If they are any holes around your home that lead directly to the outside, seal them up as soon as possible. These include entry points around ventilation shafts and sections of plumbing. Make sure that you seal up the areas around your doors and windows as well.

Professional Help

If you’d like to control rodents before they become a problem, contact Clegg’s Pest Control. Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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