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What Is Bed Bug Thermal Treatment?

Cimex_lectularius_3Nobody likes to deal with bed bugs. When they appear on your bed's surface, they can cause you regular discomfort and increase your risks of developing a number of diseases. When they get deep into your mattress, they may seem impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, homeowners may have more options than they think when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.

The Thermal Treatment Solution

One of the most reliable ways to get rid of bed bugs is to use a thermal treatment solution. It is non-toxic and non-chemical way to penetrate deep into the cavities, mattress and nests of bed bugs in your home. Simply by applying a controlled amount of heat, you can get rid of bed bugs before they have the chance to flourish. Both active insects and eggs are taken care of fast and easy.

How the Treatment Works

Studies show that bedbugs are only capable of living comfortably up to a certain temperature range. By increasing the temperature in the room, the environment is immediately made uninhabitable. In just a few short hours, the infestation is taken care of. Because the thermal treatment system does not use any pesticides, there are absolutely no risks to the consumer. The treatment simply forces heat into difficult-to-reach areas where bed bugs are more likely to reside.

Treatment Advantages

In addition to being safer for the environment and for the property, studies show that the thermal treatment option may also be more naturally advantageous. In the past several years, pesticides and chemical treatments were the industry standard for taking care of bed bug infestations. As these treatments became the go-to option, bed bugs began to develop a resistance to popular chemical brands, which resulted in the treatment not being as thorough as clients would want. The thermal treatment provides users with incredibly effective efficiency rating, capable of getting rid of even the toughest infestations.

Professional Help

For this type of task, it is very important that a professional does the job. A professional knows how to bring up the temperature of your home gradually and how to maintain it for a certain amount of time. In addition, a professional will also shift furniture and loose items during the thermal service to make sure the heat is it distributed evenly. If you have questions or are interested in hiring a professional to help control your bed bug infestation, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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