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Bring the Heat to Remove Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment MachineBed bugs are at an all-time high as of late. They’ve been popping up all over the place including motels, resorts, luggage, and unfortunately your home.

The silver lining in all of this is that, contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not carry any diseases. They are just a nuisance and cause mild to severe skin irritation when bitten.

If you believe your home is infested with bed bugs, Clegg’s will provide a FREE inspection. Our detection methods are extremely effective and adorable. We currently have two trained bed bug detection dogs, Smoke and Rambo. K9 inspections may require fees for commercial sites. We can go on about them all day but we already have in a previous post.

Once bed bugs have been detected, it is on to the treatment phase. Lucky for you our treatment processes are just as effective as our bed bug detection dogs. If there are no extenuating circumstances, our team can be in and out of a standard size home within 12 hours including prep and treatment time.

Our team uses and has been trained by Pest Heat. This heat treatment system delivers controlled, high volumes of heat to targeted areas. We blast infested areas with heat ranging from 120 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours.

This type of treatment effectively kills bed bugs in all forms of their life cycle from eggs to adults. This approach is chemical free and environmentally friendly.

If you happen to notice bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs, contact Clegg’s at 1-888-672-5344. You can also contact us online or request service.

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