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How Can I Control Bed Bugs in My Business?

Salinas_OfficeBed bugs are all too common in businesses today. If you have an office space, bed bugs can easily hide in furniture and carpeting. If you own or run a hotel, bed bugs can be spread by travelers. Regardless of your type of business, the possibility of getting an infestation of bed bugs is real and it can quickly deflate your reputation so you will want to control them as soon as possible.

Start With Identification

It is vitally important that you are proactive about identifying an infestation (or potential infestation) early on in order to begin the process of controlling it. Businesses that do not treat infestations immediately can be significantly affected with their bottom line. Not only can it interrupt your employees from being able to do their job, but if you get a reputation for bed bugs, you can lose business from customers. There are several warning signs that you may have bed bugs. This includes noticing eggs, which are small but can be visible to the naked eye, fecal spots, molten skins, or if your employees or customers complain about bites or itching.

Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs

If you do have a bed bug outbreak, your primary goal will be to prevent it from spreading. Do not let clients or employees be in areas where the insects have been found. Try to limit the amount of clutter in the workplace. Bed bugs can hide in many locations, including bookcases, carpets or even in a messy warehouse. Also, if there is an outbreak any coats, personal belongings or purses should be placed in sealed bags to prevent bed bugs from tagging along. Likewise, employees will want to use a pair of shoes for just the workplace to prevent the infestation from traveling home with them.

Professional Help

If you’d like more information on our bed bug service throughout North Carolina, call or contact Clegg’s Pest Control today.  Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business. You can also download our free commercial bed bugs guide here.

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