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How can insulation help me with pest control?

Glass_wool_insulationWhen properly installed, insulation can make a home more comfortable and save money and energy consumption by reducing the need for additional heating and air conditioning. However, some types of insulation may be more beneficial than others in keeping a home free of rodents and insects. Among the numerous types of insulation that are currently on the market, could it be possible that one offers all the benefits of traditional insulation in addition to enhanced pest control properties? The answer is yes.

TAP Pest Control Insulation

A natural fiber insulation treated with boric acid, Thermal Acoustical Pest Control insulation, or TAP, kills ants, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, and several other varieties of crawling insects. As a revolutionary green product, TAP is made from recycled paper, and it outperforms traditional insulation in almost every category. In addition to deterring pest infestations, TAP helps filter unwanted sound and is also flame-retardant, thermally superior, and is blown to create a perfect fit inside the walls or attic of a home.

Johns Manville ComfortTherm Insulation

Available in batts and rolls, ComfortTherm is a poly-encapsulated thermal and acoustical fiber and glass insulation. A lightweight insulation, ComfortTherm is composed of long, durable glass fibers that are bonded with an acrylic, Formaldehyde-free thermosetting binder for a healthier indoor air quality. ComfortTherm is thermally efficient, fire-resistant, and noncombustible. However, the product is also flexible enough to form around corners and rounded surfaces, and it will not accelerate the corrosion of pipes and other metal structures. Similar to TAP, another advantageous characteristic of ComfortTherm is that it is insect-resistant. ComfortTherm is specially formulated to discourage growth of mold and mildew, thus eliminating a potential food source for termites, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests. ComfortTherm is also available in an option that includes a moisture-resistant plastic covering, which further discourages insect infestation. When it comes to ridding a home of pests or preventing infestation altogether, eliminating the potential food and water sources of insects and rodents is essential. Therefore, ComfortTherm can help homeowners keep their homes pest-free by minimizing the conditions that make attics, crawl spaces, and interior walls conducive to infestation.

If you need help deciding which insulation product is right for your home, the pest control professionals at Clegg's can help. Contact Clegg’s online or via phone at 888-672-5344 to learn more about how an installation of TAP or ComfortTherm can help protect your home against an infestation of pests.


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