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How to Control "Pantry Pests"

Residential PantryYou strive to keep your home clean and your kitchen even cleaner. However, sometimes “pantry pests” get into your home, and you need a way to avoid this. These group of pests have an appetite for dried and processed food products that are stored in your home. The most common pantry pests are Indianmeal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, flour beetles and a variety of weevils. Even though these pests arrive in household items like rice and flour, you can take steps to ensure they do not have a chance to become an infestation.

Bringing Food Home

When opening a new bag or container, you will want to make sure you are opening the oldest one on your shelves. Also, make sure to use all of a product before opening a new one and mark your food with the date when you bring it home from the grocery store because you do not want to store it for longer than a couple of months. When you are at the grocery store, take the time to inspect each package carefully for any tears or damaged seals that might let bugs into the bag or box because the holes in the packaging allows these pests to find a home.

The Proper Way To Store Your Food Stock

After you open a bag, you will want to store it in a heavy plastic or metal container. You can also use glass jars with a screw-top lid. Paper, plastic and cardboard are not sufficient for storing food. If you are already using a container for your rice, flour or any other food, you do not want to add new product on top of old. You should also take the time to wash and dry the container before putting in new food.

Keeping Your Pantry Clean

To avoid pantry pests, you will need to wipe the shelves of your pantry down often and sweep up any crumbs. Pests cannot thrive without a food source. When wiping down your shelves and floors, make sure to dry them with a clean towel.

If you find a pantry pest has made its way into your food containers, you will want to throw all of that item away immediately and take the trash bag out of your home.

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