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Are there different types of flies?

swarm of flies

You are sitting down to your morning coffee and newspaper when you hear that all too familiar, yet annoying, buzzing noise. A fly circles your head and lands on the top of your coffee cup. You begin to wonder about flies. How many different types can there be? While there are many species, read below to learn about some common types!

Horse Flies

The horse fly can grow up to 25mm long. It typically has green or black eyes with a black or dark brown body. The males have eyes that appear to be contiguous whereas female horse flies eyes are separated. Their adult life cycle can last between 30 and 60 days. Horse flies can be especially problematic and annoying to livestock. In fact, some females can attack and cause weight gain problems for horses, cows, and pigs.

Bluebottle Flies

Bluebottle fly or bottlebee is a common blow fly. They are frequently found near garbage cans, and these flies are known carriers of disease and are also attracted to pet waste. Their name comes from their iridescent colors that look like colored bottles. Adult bluebottle flies can be between ¼” and ½” long and are a metallic color.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies need a place to hibernate in the winter. They prefer undisturbed and quiet areas of your home such as wall voids, closets, or attics. This fly is attracted to light and may commonly be found on windows. They are about 6-10mm long and their wings overlap when they are at rest. Cluster flies are not great at flying and appear sluggish. They also are dark gray to olive in color and have crinkled brown hairs.

Fruit Flies

Perhaps one of the hardest fly types to get rid of is the fruit fly. The fruit fly feeds on fruit or fermenting residues from fruit. They are small; 3mm in length and have a yellow or brown mottled color pattern. Fruit flies have red eyes and stomachs that hang down when they fly. They are slow in flight and have a tendency to hover. Adult fruit flies have a lifespan of about two to nine weeks. Fruit flies are known to breed inside rotten fruit, dirty drains, and even on cleaning tools.

Professional Help

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