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Don’t go alone! Learn about the stag beetle!

1280px-Golden_stag_beetleWhen people use the phrase “stag,” they either think about either a male deer or going to a party without a date. While going to a party without a date may be scary to some people, you should not be afraid of the stag beetle because they are not harmful to people. The insect got its name because it looks like it has antlers sticking out from its head, similar to a stag (or male deer). While these insects are not harmful, the overpopulation of these beetles in a garden could end up being a nuisance. Read on to learn more about the stag beetle.

What Are Stag Beetles?

These beetles are large in size and they are capable of growing to nearly five inches. They are either brown or black in color. This helps the insect blend in with its environment and becoming harder for predators to see them. Stag beetles can be found in both the North America and in Europe. In the U.S.A., the beetles are mostly indigenous to the western states although they are also found in Mid-Atlantic states, such as Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Where Do Stag Beetles Live?

Stag beetles live in gardens and yards. These beetles also will live in compost. Those who use compost in a garden might not even realize they are providing a home for the beetles. Rotted wood is also attractive to them and serve as safe environment in which to nest. The insects are likely to reside in the underground portion of the rotted wood. The wood also serves as a source of nutrition to the beetles. The insects suck on rotting wood to ingest liquids the wood secretes.

Professional Help

If the population of the beetles reaches a high level, then steps may need to be taken cut down on their numbers. If you have an infestation, get it taken care of right away. Contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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