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Eradicating your home of beetles. And no, we don’t mean John, Paul, George and Ringo

800px-Drawing-1Few bands in the world hold as many world records as The Beatles, but listening to their music and seeing beetles running loose are two very different things. There are several different varieties of beetles found in North Carolina and parts of the south. Japanese beetles are a common pest found outside in gardens and on lawns, but you may also encounter the bugs living in your closets and eating the food in your pantry. Though you might feel tempted to treat the problem yourself, working with a professional exterminator is a far better option.

How to Get Rid of Beetles Naturally

Getting rid of beetles in your house involves a few steps. You need to completely and thoroughly vacuum all areas of your home, identify how the beetles came into your home and wash everything with fabric or upholstery. You'll also need to use some chemical sprays that have a risk of causing a fire when exposed to a heat source or flame. To remove beetles outside, you need to use insecticides, get rid of anything that attracts the beetles and spot check your lawn regularly.

Do These Remedies Work?

While home remedies do work, those remedies only work to a certain point. One of the newer devices on the market is a beetle trap that attracts the bugs and leaves them trapped inside. The problem with this device is that it often worsens a simple infestation and attracts more bugs to your home or lawn. Other natural remedies do well at treating the beetles you already have, but those remedies won't work on any new insects gaining access to your home. Even if you use multiple treatments, you may still encounter problems in the future.

Why You Need a Professional

Bug bombs and other insecticides that you can buy at home and garden stores kill adults and babies, but those products may not work on any eggs left behind by the bugs. Improper use of those products can also make you, your family and even your pets sick. Working with a professional company guarantees that you keep your family safe and take care of your beetle problem. Clegg's Termite & Pest Control has years of experience removing beetles, bed bugs, termites and other common insects. Contact Clegg’s online or by phone at 888-672-5344.


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