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No more escargot! How to remove snails and slugs from your garden

snailYou work hard on making your garden gorgeous. Unfortunately, there are plenty of predators out there to damage your beautiful array of vegetables, plants and flowers! If snails and slugs are hurting your gardening efforts, here are some ways to get rid of them for good.

1. Remove them manually

Before you do anything too drastic, take a look at the slug and snail situation you have now. Remove them slowly using a flat knife. Placing them 20 feet away from your garden area can be just as good as termination.

2. Create barriers

You want the garden to be hard to get through for these pests. Using mulch around the plants and flowers can deter them. Take a combination of pine needles, old leaves and bark pieces and place it around your plants.

3. Copper tape

Putting a copper strip around your garden can deter these pests from entering your space. Copper tape can be found at most plant nurseries. The copper reacts with the slime that the slug and snail produces, and sends a small electric shock to them when they touch it.

4. Honey and yeast

Make a honey and yeast trap to get rid of slugs. Take a cup of boiling water with one part of honey and one part of yeast. Allow this mixture to cool down. Create a small hole in your garden where the slugs usually gather and fill the hole with the concoction.

5. Beer

Take a jar and fill it with dark ale beer. Dig a hole and make it so the jar is only one inch above the soil. Slugs are attracted to beer and will fall down into the hole. They will become submerged in the alcohol and drown.

6. Plant other plants

Planting other plants can deter slugs from ruining your garden. Plant items like mint, chives, ginger, garlic, chicory and red cabbage. Most slugs don’t like the taste or texture of these plants.

7. Change your watering routine

Snails enjoy the moist earth. That’s why they love coming out at night after people water their garden. Say goodbye to snail damage by simply changing up your watering routine. If you water in the morning instead of the afternoon, the soil will be dry by nighttime.

It isn’t always easy getting rid of garden predators. However, with these tips and techniques should help. But if you need professional help, contact Clegg’s online or by phone at 888-672-5344.


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