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Fall is the time for the leaves to change color. Learn about the leaf insect!

leaf_insectLeaves are a traditional symbol of the autumn landscape. However, when you go jump in the pile of leaves, make sure you do not accidentally interrupt the environment of a certain insect. This insect of course is called the leaf insect. And as their name implies, they look like leaves. Read on to learn more.


Leaf insects have bodies that look like leaves, even featuring various discolorations and patterns. Beneath their bodies they have spindly legs that feature broad leaf sections to complete the camouflage. Though most leaf insects feature green as their primary skin color, it is not uncommon for many leaf insects to also appear more yellow or brown.


These bugs are famous for being docile and passive. Like many other similarly camouflaged insects, they sit very still during the day and will move around to eat at night. While known for their calmness overall, newborn nymphs are more hyperactive, only beginning to calm down after their first molt. When discovered, they typically lay perfectly still, and it is very difficult for anybody to coax the bugs into moving around.


These insects usually eat the leaves of oak, rose and bramble species. They do not usually eat fresh new leaves and instead search out leaves that are older and more darkly colored. They are very active in autumn as a result, and most young nymphs do not eat from undamaged leaves, instead preferring the smaller parts that crumble off of larger leaves.


Leaf insects enjoy humid environments that are also well-ventilated. They do not react well to mold but enjoy warmer and moister environments where they have plenty of room to roam to eat. They typically do not do well when they are clustered together, as leaf insects may eat the bodies of other leaf insects if there are no other leaves around.

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