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How to Find the Source of the Fruit Fly Infestation

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies can infest a home at any time of the year, but the situation becomes especially problematic during the summer. Rather than chemically eradicating them, population reduction of fruit flies is most effective when you find and remove the source of the infestation. When you know where the most common sites of infestation are, you can take measures to prevent future fruit flies.

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is most likely where fruit flies began their infestation because they need a source of water and sugar for breeding. Rotting fruit is a favorite of these pests. Clean up any rotting fruit or food that is left out on your kitchen counters or dining table. Clean off all the surfaces and the drains to get rid of any food particles. As soon as you note fruit going bad on your kitchen counter, throw it away in a sealed bag. This will keep the fruit flies from breeding around it in the trashcan, which is another potential site of infestation.

Check the Trash

Another common breeding ground of fruit flies is in the trash. Open trashcans are worse because they allow fruit flies to escape easily into the kitchen. Use a garbage disposal to discard any food waste and rinse out cartons, bottles and boxes before throwing them into the trash can. Even the dregs of a beer bottle can invite a fruit fly infestation. If you have to throw away food scraps, put them into an old coffee can or jar with a lid and seal the container. This will prevent fruit flies from getting into your garbage and multiplying around your home. Keeping your trash clean could stop the pests in their tracks.

Wash the Dishes

Dirty dishes left on the counter or the sink could invite fruit flies to the after party for your dinner. Wash all dishes and put them in the dishwasher as soon as the meal is over. The food, wine, beer or juice left on plates, bowls and glasses are a feast to the fruit flies who are looking for a quick, sweet snack around your home.

Clear the Drains

When you run your garbage disposal, ensure that all the food put into it has cleared the drain. Periodically, clean out the garbage disposal to ensure that no food particles are left behind. The moist environment of the drain coupled with the food bits left in a garbage disposal creates an ideal environment for fruit flies.

Getting rid of the problems that cause fruit flies in the first place is often the best way to deal with these pests.

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