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The Firewood You're Storing is Infested

Infested FirewoodAs it seems that the winter months will never end, many people are continuing to make preparations to help keep their homes warm. For many people, this involves gathering firewood for their fireplaces. It is important to remember that firewood can often house lots of insects, and when the firewood enters the home, the insects will enter as well. It is important that people are able to check their firewood for insects before bringing the wood into the home.

Types of Insects

One type of insect that can be found in firewood is beetles. Even if the person can no longer see a live beetle, the firewood can still contain beetle larvae. If beetle larvae are in the firewood, then it is possible for beetles to still surface several years later.

A second insect that can be found is carpenter bees. Firewood is a place that these insects love to build their nests. Similar to beetles, carpenter bees can also leave their larvae inside of the firewood, and even if the bees are no longer present, the larvae will still cause these insects to emerge.

One of the most destructive insects that can be found inside of firewood is termites. Termites will only nest in wood; although termites prefer to house in wet wood, they can also be found in dry wood. When firewood that contains termites is brought indoors, the termites can move their location from the wood into the structure of the home.

How to Inspect the Wood

There are several ways to determine if insects are housed in the firewood. First, a visual inspection of the wood can help to determine this. If there are insects crawling on the top of the firewood or underneath the firewood, then the individual should note that the wood contains insects. Second, if the wood is beginning to rot quickly, then it is a good possibility that termites or carpenter ants are housed inside of it.

Best Ways to Prevent Insects

One of the best ways to prevent insects from entering firewood is to raise the firewood off the ground. If the firewood is not on the ground, the insects will be least likely to find it and house within it. The second way to prevent insects is to make sure the firewood is stored in a cool and dry place. Most insects prefer wet wood, so if the wood is dry and healthy, the insects will look for somewhere else to live.

If you've just discovered an infestation brought into your home, call Clegg's Termite & Pest Control at 1-888-MR-CLEGG or reach us online.

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