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Five Tips for an Insect-Themed Birthday Party

pinterestInsect-themed birthday parties are a fun and unique way to celebrate your child's special day. Whether your child is a lover of one particular creature, or they love the entire insect world, there are lots of fun ideas to make the day original and exciting for everyone. Here are five things to consider when planning the party:

Learn a Little

When learning is fun, it is unforgettable. Nurture budding science lovers with games that teach them about the creatures they already know and love. Focus on the senses of insects- kaleidoscope glasses to mimic compound eyes, passing post-it messages from kid to kid with pipe-cleaner antennas, and "tasting" things with their hands and feet. These games will get kids excited about learning about the world of insects.

Think Theme Food

There are lots of ways to turn your food into insects- cupcakes can easily look like the body of an insect. Celery sticks with peanut butter can get dragonfly wings made of apple slices. There are lots of fun and original ideas to see if you do some research. Pinterest is a great place for ideas!

Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Consider giving the kids their own small insect nets and taking them out into the yard to search for creatures. Craft stores may have some small plastic insects for them to find along the way. Gummy worms and spider rings make fun prizes to find as well. This can even become a fun themed party favor bag.

Watch Real Insects

You may want to make real insects a part of your party in a fun way. Maybe you will take a look at an ant farm or you can watch as you release ladybugs into your garden. These are some fun ways to let your children see how real insects can be beneficial to their world.

Consider a Craft

You can also make your own insects out of beads, paper, clay, or any other art supply. There are plenty of great ways to create insects or creepy crawlers out of things you can find at the stationary or craft store.

To get more ideas, check out Clegg’s Pinterest page here for ideas on kids parties, costumes and crafts.

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