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F_icon.svgAll homeowners have met their fair share of household pests. Whether it is termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, or rats, there are numerous unwanted invaders that can enter the property, causing damage to the furniture, structures and even to the home's residents. Fortunately, North Carolina locals do not have to deal with these pests alone. Clegg's is most reliable pest control company in the local area, and their Facebook page provides visitors with a variety of helpful features and options.

Useful Facts

When you follow Clegg’s on Facebook, you can learn some interesting facts about a variety of pests. Did you know that Termites have been around for 130 million years? Get facts like these on Termites and a number other pests.

Valuable Information

Facebook also provides visitors with a way to learn about a variety of pests. You can get tips or even link to one of our blogs. Want to know more about roaches, or mice, or even butterflies? Or maybe you will want to learn more about our canine bed bug inspectors, Smoke and Rambo! In addition to tips and blogs, you can even download free guides on topics ranging from termites to bed bugs.

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Facebook_logo_thumbs_up_like_transparent_SVG.svgWhen you follow Clegg’s you’ll see information on how to take advantage of a discount on service.

Professional Help

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