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Funny Pest Stories

We recently asked for folks to submit their funny pest stories. Here are a few that we received:

A Hole in the Floor

When I was 15 yrs old I went to sleep one day on our couch. Well somehow I rolled over on a jap hornet. Pow, I got stung right on my shoulder. The bad part is we had been doing some plumbing earlier that day, and our tools were still sitting on the hearth (including a torch). Well I jump up, slap the hornet to the floor (of our new house) - he's floppin around. I grab that torch n scorch him good. Burned a big ole hole in the new vinyl floor. So I ease out the front door. A few minutes later I hear my dad cussin so I took off to grannys house. True story, and true when I got home daddy hadn't forgot..whack (I deserved it). ~Submitted by Keith L.

A Snake Story

I remember as a young teen.. we had a big white German shepherd that was scared to death of snakes. This one summer we pulled out of the old farm house several chicken eaters. One day Grandma called me and said a snake was in her bedroom. When I went in the room, I seen it all curled up like it was going to strike!!! Grandma also called my cousin to come get the snake out. He got to the house when I did. As we entered the room, my cousin had a shovel in hand! I was behind him! We had to walk through the bathroom to get to the bedroom. Something was smelling kinda foul! I just figured someone had been in the bathroom prior to us getting there. Anyway my cousin entered the bedroom with shovel in hand!!!! With it over his head and with a mighty force down towards the snake it was a smelly mess when he made contact with it. The snake was actually Dog POOO all curled up taking the form of a snake about to strike. When he hit it with the shovel it splattered all over the walls and both of us! Needless to say...the purdy White German shepherd became an outside dog after that day. ~Submitted by Tony Dobbs

The Roach Got Away

We had just moved into a new house and I reached into the pantry to get a pretty glass jar I had purchased to store pasta. As I pulled it out, a large cockroach scurried across the lid toward my hand. Of course, I dropped the jar. The roach escaped and I had to clean up broken glass and pasta from one end of the kitchen to the other. We signed up to have the house treated the next day! ~Submitted by Kathy H.

An Anaconda? Really?

The year is 1990 I'm working for another pest control company just getting started in the business. The service manager has me go with him to do a Carpenter ant service. He's drilling out the walls inside the house and sends me under the house to dust out the crawlspace. Now my first thought was, God I hope I don't encounter a snake! I'm under the house and hear a noise.........nah it's just in my mind........has to be. Then the beam of my flashlight catches this (what seemed to be an anaconda) snake. I dropped flashlight and duster and crawled at high speed to the exit of the crawlspace. My service manager was hysterical with laughter while telling me my head hitting floor joists sounded like a machine gun being fired. The closer I got to the exit the faster it got. True story and 23 yrs later in the business I still don't like em. ~Submitted by Frank Holland



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