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How to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Back into Your House After A Trip!

1280px-Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectulariusDo you have plans to travel anytime soon? If so, you are probably looking forward to spending time with family or maybe you are going to an island getaway. If you are staying at a hotel, you are at risk bringing back unwanted bed bugs which have traveled in your belongings. Read on to learn how to avoid bringing these pests back to your house.

Increased Infestations

In the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada, the numbers of bed bugs have been increasing since the 1980s, especially in major cities. Even the highest-end hotels have not been immune to infestations. The high cost of controlling bed bugs may be leading some lodging establishments to quite literally sweep the problem "under the rug," only to have it reappear months or years later in the same facility or complex, perhaps on a different floor or part of the building.

Do Your Research

Furniture, carpeting, drapes and other appurtenances of modern hotel rooms are perfect places for the creatures to hide as they await their next host. However, tourists now have access to online reports that allow people to confirm the presence or absence of bedbugs at most addresses. A simple check with Google, by entering the name of one's hotel and the word "bedbugs" often will turn up any past reports of the pests at many lodging establishments. You can also look on the Bed Bug Registry at However, even with doing your research, there is still no guarantee as an infestation can re-occur so just use caution when choosing a hotel.

Returning Home

Before you go back into your home after a vacation, inspect your luggage thoroughly. They are sometimes hard to see, but it is worth the effort to look first. For additional peace of mind, wash and dry all of your clothes. This even goes for the clothes that were in your suitcase, but you did not wear on your trip. This will further help prevent bringing these bugs into your home and having them spread into a bigger problem.

Professional Assistance

If you think you have bed bugs, obtaining the services of a professional service is the most effective remedy. For more information, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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