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Ideas on how to dress your child as an insect this Halloween

halloweenpumpkin2Depending on the age of your child, you can look forward to a lot of exciting Halloween costumes. One of the most popular categories of costuming is insect! Not only are there lots of different insects to choose from for all types of costumes, but you could also get extra creative and fuse insects together. Consider some of these costume ideas across all age groups this Halloween!


If you have an infant you want to take trick-or-treating with you and your family, think of some costumes that could work with the bundled up size and shape. Insects like ladybugs, pill bugs, and beetles can all make for a great costume, especially if you have twins or more than one baby that you want to dress up like a pair. You can even deck out the stroller with leaves, twigs and other decorations to make it look more like a proper home for your little cuddle bug.


Because toddlers are a little bit bigger, you can begin focusing on larger details in the outfit, such as by including wings and additional limbs. You can begin branching out into spiders, ants and other insects, depending entirely on what your toddlers like. If you plan on making a larger expedition, you can always get together with other parents and decide on a themed trip. Your child and their friends could all go together as a collection of bugs, which is sure to be an exciting and adorable sight for Halloween!


When your child can regularly walk by themselves, you can look into all sorts of additional outfits and details. Attach extra arms underneath theirs and extra legs around the front or backs of their pants to create an even more realistic bug-like appearance. For larger insects that would fit such costume ideas, you can look into wasps, centipedes and other types of beetles. Look into shiny materials and fabrics as well, especially if you are planning on dressing your child up as an insect with a particularly large and pretty carapace!

Professional Help

Though dressing up like insects is always fun, nobody likes to deal with real ones. If you find that your property has an unwanted infestation that you need to have controlled immediately, contact Clegg’s Pest Control. Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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