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Indianmeal Moth Prevention for Your Bakery: 5 Tips

Indian Meal MothIndianmeal Moths are one of the most common pests found in kitchens and pantries. These pests enter your bakery from products that are infested. Hiring an exterminator to rid your business of these pests once you have an infestation is important, but preventing them from infesting comes from a few simple tips.

Plastic Storage

A great way to prevent an Indianmeal Moth infestation is to store all of your food products, especially flours and grains that these moths feed on, in airtight plastic containers. You will want to take special care when resealing these containers that the seal is tightly fixed, so no creepy crawlers can find their way inside to lay eggs and feed.

Do Not Add New Products to Old Products

It is easy to open a new bag of flour and add it to a container of flour that is almost empty, but don’t. One way to help prevent an Indianmeal Moth infestation is to use or throw away any old product before opening and storing your new products. Since most infestations come from food stock that is already infested this will keep you from having a larger outbreak.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The lifespan of the Indianmeal Mouth is six days and those days are devoted to reproduction. Clean and wipe your shelves and cupboards routinely, paying close attention to remove any food or crumbs. Make sure to scrub out your storage containers thoroughly with hot water and soap between each use.

Refuse Damaged Packages

When you receive your food order, check each bag and box carefully for damage. If there are openings or tears, it is possible that Indianmeal Moths may have gotten into the product. Do not accept any damaged packages and ask that the company you buy your stock through send replacements.

Dry As a Desert

Indianmeal Moths need a moist environment to develop and thrive in. When cleaning your storage containers make sure to dry them thoroughly and store them in a pantry that is dry and humid. When cleaning your shelves, take a few extra minutes to dry them with a kitchen towel or paper towels.

Prevention is always easier than ridding your bakery of an infestation. These few simple tips should help lower your chances of an infestation of the Indianmeal Mouth even though it was of the most common kitchen pests. If any infestation occurs, you will want to have it expertly treated immediately, and Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control has the tools and staff to address whatever pest control problem you are experiencing.

For Indianmeal Moth infestations, contact Clegg’s online or via phone at 888-672-5344.

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