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Interesting facts about the beetle

1024px-Drawing-1When you talk about beetles, you could be talking about one of thousands of possible types. Around the world, there are more than 300,000 species of beetles. In North America, you can find 30,000 of these species. This is the highest number of species of any type of insects. Beetles are almost everywhere. The only two places you will not find beetles is in the polar regions of earth and in saltwater. This little hard-bodied critter should be talked about often because there are a lot of interesting facts about them.

Beetle Basics

Every wonder where beetles got their name? It comes from the Anglo Saxon word “bitan” which translates as “to bite”. Beetles are different from insects because they have strong mouths designed to bite while bugs have beaks to suck. While bugs are most commonly associated with their gauzy wings, the beetle’s wings are hardened and horny.

Beetles That Are Harmful

Be careful! Typically found in crops and on garden plants, the Blister Beetle can cause blister to appear on your skin. While some beetles can be beneficial to your garden, others can be very destructive. The most destructive species are the Weevils, the Japanese Beetle, the Carpet Beetle, Rose Bug, Sugar Cane Beetle, Potato Bug, May Beetle and Mexican Bean Beetle. If you are worried about Dutch Elm Disease infecting your trees, you will want to make sure you do not have any Bark Beetles in your yard.

Beetles Come In All Sizes

The Ox Beetle and the Rhinoceros Beetle might grow to be as long as five centimeters or almost two inches. The Goliath Beetle is not only the largest beetle but also the largest bug in the world. Fully grown, it can weigh up to 900 grams or almost two pounds. It is also known as a scarab in Africa.

How Beetles Move

Beetle are either really good at flying or running. However, none of them are good at both movements. Each beetle has three pairs of legs. If the legs are long and slender, the species is an excellent runner. The beetles with shorter and stouter legged beetle are typically an excellent swimmer and good at digging.

Beetles That Do Unusual Things

The Diving Beetle is one of the most unusual beetles of the species. This little bug can actually breathe underwater. Lady Bugs are a type of beetle. Along with being considered good luck by some people, these beetles are beneficial around your garden because they eat other pests.

Beetles are fascinating little critters. However, if you have an infestation in your yard, it is time to call in a professional. For immediate help, contact Clegg’s online or via phone at 888-672-5344.


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