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June 2013 News: Summer Means Mosquitoes

In case you missed our June, 2013 e-newsletter, here's the content for your review. In this issue: Summer Means Mosquitoes, Smoke and Scott Hays Certified, Employee Profile: David Sage, and Clegg's Donates Bed Bug Treatment Services

Summer Means Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseasesMosquitoes are not only annoying and can cause itchy bites, they may also carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets. They enjoy heat and humidity, and summer is their favorite time of year. Remember to use bug repellent if you plan to spend time outdoors. Look for a repellent with DEET, Picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Follow directions carefully when using these products on children.

One step you can take to help keep the population down is to remove any areas of standing water on your property so the mosquitoes will not have a place to lay their eggs. If you plan to spend time on your porch, citronella candles may keep the bugs at bay. If you are planning a party or event, you may wish to have Clegg's spray your yard ahead of time to help keep mosquitoes from feasting on your guests!

Smoke & Scott Hays Certified

Trained Bed Bug Detection Dog SmokeEarlier this year, Scott Hays assumed the role of handler for our bed bug dog Smoke. As part of this transition, Smoke and Scott were sent for additional training on how to work together. They were recently certified for bed bug detection by the American Working Dog Association. Congratulations, team Smoke! Read more...


Employee Profile: David Sage, Smithfield, NC

David Sage performs a bed bug inspectionThe photo here is of David Sage, the Service Manager in our Smithfield branch, performing a bed bug inspection. David joined the Clegg's team in 2012 and is responsible for supervising the overall operations of the branch, including customer satisfaction, technician training and inventory control. David has seven years of experience in the pest control industry, and he holds a structural pest control license from the N.C. Department of Agriculture.

"Great communication skills are important for our pest technicians, and help them relay information about technical procedures to our clients so they understand what we are doing to fix their pest issues and why," says David. "I especially enjoy teaching my technicians how to improve their client relationships and ensure they are able to identify and correct any and all pest issues!"

David is close to his family, which includes his parents, an older sister and a younger brother who also works for Clegg's! In his spare time, David enjoys weightlifting. He can be reached through the Smithfield office at (800) 331-7196.

Clegg's Donates Bed Bug Treatment Services

The home of a low-income man in Ayden, NC will be treated later this month by the Clegg's team at no charge. According to Tony Dobbs, who performed the initial bed bug inspection, the infestation is one of the worst he has ever seen. The infestation is so bad that most of the upholstered furnishings in the home were beyond saving and had to be destroyed.

In addition to treating the home, the Clegg's Greenville branch has collected gently used furniture to replace the items that were lost. These items have been verified bed-bug free and will be given to the family after their home is treated. Read more...






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