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Are Lady Beetles the same as Ladybugs?

ladybug1Many people think of ladybugs as cute little insects that are completely harmless. They are also considered by gardeners to be a beneficial insect. Most people have heard of a Ladybug, but have you heard of of the term Lady Beetles? Believe it or not, these are two names for the same type of bug. However, one would have to wonder if a ladybug were called a lady beetle, if ladybugs would be quite as popular as they are?

The Truth About Ladybugs

There are over 150 different species of ladybugs in the United States. The different types can be identified by their various markings and colors. While most people think of ladybugs as being red with black spots, they can also come in different colors such as orange, pink, black, and brown. Some of them have stripes while other ladybugs are one solid color. One type of ladybug called the Asian Lady Beetle is identified by a black M/W on the head and white "cheeks."

While people might not think of ladybugs as being a type of beetle, they actually do belong to the same order of Coleoptera, which is why scientists prefer to call them beetles. These beetles come from the same family, called the Coccinellidae, which is what makes ladybugs and lady beetles one in the same.

Ladybug Habitation

Even though they seem like a friendly insect, ladybugs or lady beetles, whichever you prefer to call them, can be pests. Ladybugs are not harmful in any way, nor do they carry diseases or breed indoors. However, they can take up residence in your home in large numbers, which can quickly turn these cute little creatures into pesty little bugs. When they get inside, ladybugs are usually found crawling on the walls, ceiling, light fixtures, and other surfaces.

One type of ladybug that likes to make its home indoors during the late fall and winter is the aforementioned Asian lady beetle. Commonly called the Halloween lady beetle, this larger than normal lady beetle usually invades during the month of October.

Contact a Pest Control Professional

While Clegg’s does not provide control services for Ladybugs, or Lady Beetles, there are many pests that we do help control. If you’d like to control these pests before they become a problem, contact Clegg’s Pest Control. Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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