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Learn about the beauty of the butterfly

ButterflyButterflies are beautiful insects that come in all sizes with a rainbow of colors and markings. With as many as 20,000 species of butterflies, it is not surprising that this creature can offer so many different colors and designs. Every time you come across a butterfly, you are filled with a sense of wonder and whimsy. This is your chance to learn more about the beauty of the butterflies you admire.

Colors Are Not As Clearly Defined As They Appear From A Distance

When you see a butterfly on a bush or flower, it appears as if there are clearly marked boundaries for each their colors. While the colors do not change, if you were able to get a much closer look, you would see that at the edges are gradients. A butterfly's wings are made up of tiny scales and each has only a single color. If the scale sits at the edge of a color such as yellow turning black that scale could be either black or yellow. At the edges, there will be yellows and blacks mixing together.

Butterflies Do Not Eat

As a caterpillar, these insects eat leaves and other bugs; however, once they emerge from their cocoon, they do not eat. They gain all of their nutritional requirements from drinking nectar and other substances. In fact, butterflies cannot eat. Inside their mouths, you would find a straw like feature that does not allow chewing. You might wonder how a butterfly is able to taste with only a straw. They actually taste with their feet. This uniqueness only adds to their beauty.

Butterflies Are An Indicator Of A Healthy Ecosystem

Butterflies are very delicate creatures. In order to survive and thrive, they require a flourishing ecosystem that is in balance. If you live in an area with many butterflies, you can be assured of a stable ecosystem. When you notice a change in the butterfly population, it is an early indication of a problem in the ecosystem. Butterflies are an essential part of the food chain. As they flit from flower to flower in search of tasty nectar, they bring pollination from one plant to the other.

For butterflies, their beauty is more than on the outside. Their differences make them unique and beautiful from the straw in their mouths. As indicators of a healthy ecosystem, they can help people realize there is a problem earlier and make changes.

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