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Learn about the “green” stink bug!

Nezara_viridula2With Saint Patrick's Day last month, you may still be thinking about the color green. However, there is one green thing you may not want to see. And that is the green stink bug! These pests are known to cause damage to a wide variety of vegetables so you will not want them in your garden!

Identifying the Green Stink Bug

The Green Stink Bug, or the Green Soldier Bug, is harmless to humans but intrusive and should not be ignored, especially if you have a garden. These flat-backed bugs are shaped exactly like the commonly-seen stink bug but are fluorescent green instead of brown. Their antenna appear to have three sections and they have the shield-shaped body. They are entirely harmless to humans since they feed off of plants. These little critters are typically redirected with non-harmful chemicals.

Garden Predators

Although they are harmless to human bodies, they can destroy crops quickly if there are enough of them. They pose a huge problem for farmers. The adult bugs enjoy the young saplings of plants and can kill a crop before a farmer even sees its fruition. They lay their eggs on the underside of foliage, so when the eggs hatch, the young bugs eat the leaves and stems until adulthood. These young bugs can be identified by their black round bodies that contain white horizontal stripes and orange legs and antenna. They lay their eggs in groups of twelve, so they spread fast if not taken care of.

Controlling and Confining

There are a few ways to repel the bugs until a pest control company can handle your situation. They are repelled by the smell of garlic so you can put some garlic powder dissolved in water in a spray bottle and spray your little home garden. Mint is another repellent for stink bugs so get out your essential oils and spray away.

Professional Help

If you have an infestation of “green” stink bugs, or any other pests, get it taken care of by a team of professionals. Contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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