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What to love about lovebugs?

LovebugsLovebugs are known for their large populations on the East Coast, including North Carolina into Florida. With their affectionate name, you'd imagine lovebugs were welcome insects, but these tiny flies are more pests than helpers inside or outside the home. If you find yourself with an infestation, calling the professionals may be your only reprieve unless cold weather is on its way.

Why are they called “Love” Bugs?

The lovebug, is actually called Piecia nearctica and it is a member of the family of march flies. They have been dubbed “lovebugs” because of their in-flight mating. These pests pose no threat to the environment or people as they do not bite or sting. The only time that they cause problems is when the weather warms up and then they become a nuisance.

Not Man's Best Friend

Lovebugs cluster into huge swarms. You may see them on the road as you drive home. The flies smash against cars, damaging paint and hindering radiator use as their bodies cover the cooling element. Drivers are also bothered by poor vision because the Lovebugs remain stuck on the windshield.

The Buzzing with Bees

Lovebugs don't just bother humans. They also hinder pollination. Bees look for flowers each day to collect nectar. As the bees visit each flower, pollen sticks to their hairs, allowing them to cross-pollinate with other plants. If a bee sees a plant and flower that's infested with Lovebugs, however, the bee avoids the area entirely.

All out of “Love”

Unfortunately, Lovebugs do not respond to insect repellents containing DEET or citronella so the best way to keep Lovebugs out of your home is through barriers. Repair any broken screens and keep doors closed to stop these flies from entering. Your car may have many Lovebug victims on the windshield, but if they get into your home, they will be bothersome and they will not show you too much “love”.

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