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Meet Smoke & Rambo! Our Bed Bug Canine Inspectors!

Cleggs-Rambo-Smoke-REVWhen it comes to finding bed bugs, two of the most valuable team members on the Clegg’s Pest Control team are Smoke and Rambo. These Labrador Retrievers are excellent at their jobs and work together to detect bed bugs in your home or office!

Why Dogs?

With bed bugs becoming more prominent in the United States, pest control companies are finding innovative ways to detect and control the problem. Since dogs have a have an exceptional sense of smell they have been trained to detect a variety of things, including bombs, drugs, and of course bed bugs. A dog’s sense of smell is said to be 1,000 times more sensitive than a human being so it can locate these pests quicker and more efficiently than humans. It can even be more accurate than scientific instruments.

Rambo & Smoke

Rambo has been a team member since 2012 and is well trained in the detection of bed bugs. He works with team member Tony Dobbs and his territory is Eastern North Carolina. Smoke is also a friendly Labrador who works one-on-one with Clegg’s team member Scott Hays to find bed bugs efficiently as well. He services both central and Western towns in North Carolina.


These dogs are thoroughly trained to sniff out the bed bugs. In addition to the bed itself, they are also able to find them along wall baseboards, carpets, even behind outlet covers. They undergo intense training and it is possible for them to detect just one bug or one egg. They have changed the meaning of pest control by leaps and bounds.


In addition, in order to train these dogs, the trainers must go through a program and receive accreditation for their training in order to work with these pups. Both of these K-9’s have been certified by the American Working Dog Association. There is constant research being made by scientists on this subject and new methods and advancements are continually becoming available when using canine scent detection.

Professional Help

If you have bed bugs and you would like Rambo or Smoke come and sniff out the problem, contact Clegg’s online. Or you can call Clegg’s Pest Control on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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