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Mouse Sighting in the Office: What Should You Do?

MouseA mouse sighting in your office can be stressful, creating problems not only for you but also for your employees and clients. Because mice can spread diseases like Hantavirus or carry ticks and lice that spread other diseases, there is a significant health concern at the point a mouse is identified in your facility. Additionally, employees may react fearfully, an issue that can prove counterproductive for your business. Sanitation issues can be especially serious if your facility handles consumable goods, but it's important to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently no matter what your business focus may be. Working with a pest control company that uses a comprehensive approach to managing issues with mice is an important first step.

Rodent Access

As your pest control professional deals with ridding your office of mice, you will need to consider some steps to avoid attracting the creatures in the future. In some cases, activity in your district may lead to the increased activity of rodents in the area. Construction is an example. In other cases, structural deterioration may have created a point of access. Mice can make their way through very small holes, and they can do a lot of damage once they are able to nest in your facility. Your pest professional will investigate for signs of additional critters, and will attempt to identify the presence of nests. You may want to engage in a comprehensive sealing effort to ensure that access is eradicated. Consider using steel wool in conjunction with sealing materials to limit the ability of mice to chew back into an area.

Attractions for Pests

Another major concern may be food policies in your office setting. It's important to restrict consumption of food to designated kitchen and break areas so that crumbs aren't easily found by hungry mice. A thorough cleaning routine should be instituted for your dedicated eating areas. Additionally, it's important to encourage responsible food management on the job as your employees can make a major difference in the success of your efforts.

Professional Support

Limiting the access rodents have to your facility can be important for protecting your office equipment and important systems. Rodents can chew through wiring, affecting your phone system, electricity or Internet connections. In addition to adapting office policies to avoid attracting pests, it's wise to work with your pest control expert from Clegg's to monitor for additional pests or recurring breaches of your facility over a period of time. You can call Clegg's at 1.888.MR.CLEGG to get help today contact us online.

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