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Here are some natural ways to control flies

Bessenbandzweefvlieg_Vrouwtje_(2)If there's one pest every home regularly comes across during the summer, its flies. Whether through a window or an open door, flies always seem to find their way inside the property where they are least wanted. In addition to being a general nuisance, flies can find a number of ways to cause problems, including contaminating food and laying fast-hatching eggs in different sections of a home. Though a major problem, there are some natural ways to control their spread to avoid long-term problems.

Plastic Water Bags

One of the first natural solutions is to use simple plastic water bags to keep the flies away. In order to do this, fill up a large plastic bag with water and hang it around the open areas of your home, such as windows and doors. This solution works because the light reflecting on the water results in an optical illusion that disorients the fly and discourages it from entering the area. Many also believe that the general shape is reminiscent of a spider's web, and flies avoid it to avoid getting caught.

Apple Cider Vinegar Traps

Apple cider vinegar traps can be used to attract larger flies if there are no other fruits or foods out in the open. To make the trap, you will need half a cup of apple cider vinegar, a glass jar and a wide funnel. Pour the apple cider vinegar into the jar and place the funnel at the top. The funnel provides the insects with a way in while making the way out much more difficult. Place the jar somewhere easy to see and watch your fly problems disappear.

Lavender Oil Fly Repellent

Lavender oil is an ideal oil that helps prevent everything from fleas to beetles from entering the home. This is a popular fly-repellent because of its strong smell and chemical properties. Get a half of a cup of lavender oil, a lidded tin can, and a cloth. Dip the cloth in the oil and place it in the can. Then cover the can and let it rest for 24 hours before uncovering and placing the tin in an area where flies like to congregate.

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