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December 2013 News: Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

In the December 2013 issues of Clegg's News: How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling; Funny Pest Stories; Clegg's Angels; Holiday Hours.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your suitcaseWorking in the pest control industry, we sometimes tend to be overly aware of insect problems. And bed bugs are a growing problem around the world. Whether it's during the holidays or summer vacation, everyone who travels - or even leaves their homes - is at risk of bringing home one or more unwanted "guests." Bed bugs have been found in hotels, apartments, libraries, schools, fire stations, office buildings - basically any place there are humans.

With the height of the travel season upon us, we would like to share some of the common questions we hear about bed bugs and provide answers so you can learn what you need to do to identify and avoid bed bugs while you travel. Read more...

Funny Pest Stories

hornet pest controlLast month we asked everyone to send in their funniest pest control stories for a chance to win a bed bug encasement set for their mattress and box spring. Here is the winning story:

When I was 15 yrs old I went to sleep one day on our couch. Well somehow I rolled over on a jap hornet. Pow, I got stung right on my shoulder. The bad part is we had been doing some plumbing earlier that day, and our tools were still sitting on the hearth (including a torch). Well I jump up, slap the hornet to the floor (of our new house) - he's floppin around. I grab that torch n scorch him good. Burned a big ole hole in the new vinyl floor. So I ease out the front door. A few minutes later I hear my dad cussin so I took off to grannys house. True story, and true when I got home daddy hadn't forgot..whack (I deserved it).

This came from Keith Lambeth, who has won a bed bug encasement set! Head to our website to read more funny pest stories!

Clegg's Angels

Clegg's supports the Salvation ArmyClegg's is sponsoring a needy child and 2 adults for the holidays through the Salvation Army's Christmas Angel Tree program. Clegg's encourages everyone to reach out in their own community to help those in need during the holiday season. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

Holiday Schedule

Clegg's will be closed on December 24-25 for Christmas and again on New Year's Day. Happy Holidays to you and your family!




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