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Pests & Your Store: The Importance of Back Room Cleanliness

Back-RoomCleanliness is key when it comes to operating a store. Even a minor pest problem can result in diminished sales and a negative reputation among customers. Stores that sell food and other materials that are naturally inviting to pests may have a difficult time keeping the back room pest-free. The back room is especially vulnerable because it is often used for storage and is not subjected to the same level of scrutiny as a store's more public areas are. The professionals at Cleggs can eliminate existing infestations and also offer suggestions for maintaining store room conditions that will discourage future infestations.

Insects and rodents are attracted to areas in which there is a large supply of food. Therefore, grocery and other food stores are a main target for these pests. While having food in a grocery store is an inevitable requirement, there are steps stores can take to make food sources less attractive and less accessible to pests. For example, all food items should be stored in durable containers that pests cannot easily infiltrate. Product storage containers should be secure enough to eliminate food smells that may attract pests.

Spills are also a common occurrence in stores that sell food items. Store employees should remain vigilant and clean up spills as soon as they happen. Cleaning up spills quickly will reduce the likelihood that pests will smell the spilled food item and invade the area.

In many stores, the trash collection area is located directly outside the back room. For this reason, it is imperative that dumpsters be kept as orderly as possible. Products that may be a food source for pests should be contained and disposed of neatly, and stores should never allow food debris to remain on the ground outside dumpsters. Cardboard boxes should not be left around the back room and trash areas as clutter and cardboard can make these areas more conducive to pest invasion.

Keeping the back room clean by eliminating clutter, discouraging and quickly cleaning any spills that may occur, and storing food properly are only the beginning when it comes to effective pest control. Partnering with an experienced pest control service provider can help businesses maintain a clean, comfortable environment for their employees and customers. At Cleggs, we have experience and understanding of how different pests operate. Therefore, we are able to deliver effective solutions for a variety of pest concerns.

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