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Planting Your Garden With Pest Control in Mind

Vegetable GardenCreating a garden with pest control in mind can help to avoid problems down the road. Maintenance and taking the proper steps to prevent problems from occurring in the first place is the key to keeping harmful insects and pesky critters out of your garden. Here are some tips for keeping pests off of your plants, which will create a more successful gardening experience.

The use of natural planting is very useful in controlling pests in gardens, because it will attract beneficial insects. Planting marigolds, onions and chives between vegetable plants will help ward off garden pests. Set shallow containers of beer throughout the area, and the slugs will crawl in them and drown. Invest in fencing and netting to keep critters out of the garden area and plant wild flowers around the area to attract bees, which can help to keep bothersome creatures away.

In addition, only plant the vegetal varieties that are suited to your locality. Familiarize yourself with the types of insects and diseases that are common in your zone, and plant resistant selections. Use row covers and stake plants to keep them off the ground and away from the dampness. Inspect your plants daily, and observe for signs of garden pests. Look at the undersides of the leaves for holes, wilting, webs and discoloration.

Always identify the problem before trying to treat it. You can often remove eggs masses by hand before they become a problem. Keep soil mulched for good drainage, and immediately dispose of any bug infested and diseased plants. Eradicate all dead plants in the fall to avoid reproduction of garden pests in the spring, and rotate your crops every year to help prevent reoccurring problems.

Despite all your efforts, you may have the urge to use pesticides. While some of these may be effective, they can also be harmful to pets or humans. Another option, if you live in North Carolina, Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control has numerous locations throughout the state and can aide in helping you control garden pests in a safe manner.

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