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Protect Your Home! Do Not Let the Thief Ants Take from You!

1024px-Solenopsis_molesta_casent0005805_profile_1Thief ants are not liked by humans and they are not liked by other ants. The insects get their name due to their annoying desire to steal. Not only do these creatures take food from ants, they pillage the kitchens of people's homes. Read on to learn more.

Why They Visit You

Thief ants are also known as "grease ants" because they are attracted to the smell (and nutritional value) of grease. People who pour grease down the drain in the kitchen are setting things up for the grand arrival of many thief ants in their home. Those who dispose of grease properly still might find themselves dealing with the hassle of a thief ant infestation.

How To Become Less Inviting

Properly cleaning both the stove and a countertop after cooking is going to definitely make a home less inviting to thief ants. Cleaning up the kitchen with a strong bleach fluid is going to kill off grease and its related bacteria. It is also a smart idea to remove the food source as to not attract these ants. No matter how many steps you take to keep a home clean and "food refuge free", there are going to be ways for these ants to find their way into a home. Sealing off entry points is likely to make it harder for the ants to come in as well.

Professional Assistance

Avoid the headaches by preventing thief ants from invading your home, contact Clegg’s online. Or you can contact Clegg’s via telephone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home.

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