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Rats! How to get rid of them.

RatLet’s face it. Rats are creepy. They are always scurrying about and sneaking in and out of places. These rodents also present a clear danger to your home and family. Rats will chew through your electrical wires, leaving you open to an electrical fire and carry many diseases that pass to humans. Here are the best ways to rid your home of these pests.

Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

Rats come into your home to feed. Removing their food source is the best way to encourage them to go. Unfortunately, even the smallest crumbs will attract them. You will need to pay special attention when cleaning your shelves and cabinets in the kitchen to remove even the most miniscule bits of food. When using a wet cloth to wipe your shelves, you will want to dry them with a towel before putting your dishes and food back into the cabinets. If you allow food to be eaten in other parts of your home, you will want to give those a good cleaning, including an intense vacuuming under furniture and in corners. You will also need to make sure to remove all garbage and bring in trashcans with securely fitting lids.

Change Your Food Storage Methods

If you are like the rest of us, you will bring home your groceries and put them away in their original packaging from plastic bags to cardboard boxes. If you have a rat problem, you will want to change this habit. You will want to buy sturdy plastic containers that have lids that seal tightly. A rat can easily chew its way through a bag or box if it smells the food inside it. Plastic containers with seals will help reduce the smell of food and make it more difficult to reach the food inside.

Call A Professional Exterminator

Setting rat traps and baiting your home is a good idea. However, you do not want to handle this yourself because you might hurt yourself while baiting a trap or get bitten by a rat that has not died in the trap. Also, it is essential that the rats be disposed of properly once they have been caught. For these reasons, it is smart to use a professional pest control company so they can capture these rats and dispose of them properly and safely.

A professional pest control company will evaluate your infestation and select the most effective places to set the traps. Once the traps have caught their prey, your exterminating company will return to dispose of the rodents properly and safely. To talk to a professional, contact Clegg's online or via phone at 888-672-5344.


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