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Residents Are Free of Infestations - Customer Testimonial

One of our customers who receives a scheduled visit for her apartment complex sent us a wonderful letter of appreciation.

As a property manager it is incredibly important to have consistent inspections and services to provide your tenants with the best living conditions possible. Nothing makes a resident want to split faster than a kitchen full of cockroaches.

Below are Aimee’s kind words:

I would personally like to send a special thank you to our weekly service provider, Rae Horrell. He is always so polite and professional, even when dealing with situations that aren’t the most pleasing. He can always be counted on to do a thorough job and we appreciate him letting us know whenever there may be a problem in a particular apartment. Without him, we may never know that a resident may have an infestation or living in less than desirable conditions. I felt it was important to send this letter of appreciation because of Rae going above and beyond for us here at The Creek.

Aimee D, Community Manager, The Creek at Forest Hills Apartments

We always love to hear from our customers and especially love to hear when they are truly satisfied with our services.

For more information on regularly scheduled services, contact us online or call us at 888-672-5344.

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