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Are Roaches Dangerous to Humans?

American-cockroachCockroaches are almost universally detested by humans. People usually, however, think of roaches more as a nuisance than a hazard. The fact is, however, that these insects do pose certain dangers to your health.

Do Roaches Bite?

The thought of being attacked by roaches sounds more like a scene from a horror film than reality. These insects, do, however, occasionally bite. This usually occurs in homes and other places where there is an extreme infestation. There have also been rare cases when roaches have entered people's mouths, nostrils or ears while they were sleeping. In most cases, fortunately, roaches avoid direct contact with humans.

Carriers of Bacteria

One of the most serious potential hazards of roaches is the spreading of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These agents can cause symptoms of food poisoning such as digestive problems and urinary tract infections. Being exposed to bacteria can also weaken the immune system. So, even if you don't have obvious symptoms such as food poisoning, constant exposure to low levels of bacterium can make you more vulnerable to everyday illnesses such as colds.

Allergies and Asthma Attacks

Roaches can trigger allergies such as rashes, sniffling, sneezing and other symptoms. Insect droppings and secretions can set these allergies off in people who are sensitive to them. People with asthma may also be especially sensitive to having these unwanted visitors around. Allergens spread by roaches can set off asthma attacks, which can be dangerous and, in certain cases, even fatal.

Roaches Contribute to Stress

People have a natural loathing of roaches. Some people find their presence stressful or even frightening. Overall, these insects can increase levels of stress in humans. They may also be symptomatic of poor sanitary conditions or a cluttered environment. In addition to food, these insects are attracted to piles of paper and books. Clutter and unsanitary conditions themselves can contribute to stress and roaches only add to this.

Professional Help

No one likes roaches and they pose several potential health hazards. They are extremely durable insects, so having them around is no cause for shame. On the other hand, you should do everything possible to get help controlling them. If you have questions about roaches or any other type of pest, contact Clegg’s online. Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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