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Our Sentricon Termite Services

What does Clegg’s and the White House have in common? The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

This system uses the environmentally responsible Always Active Technology to eliminate termite colonies. Many of our nation’s precious landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall have adopted this technology to eradicate termite infestations.

How Sentricon Works

The Sentricon System contains Recruit HD Termite bait which works immediately once deployed. Once termites find these bait stations, they’ll begin feeding on it. In fact studies show that the termites prefer the bait over wood. The active ingredient in the bait, noviflumuron, prevents the worker termites from molting subsequently leading to their death. Termites also can’t detect noviflumuron so they keep feeding on the bait and distributing it to the colony.

Our Installation Process

  1. As an Authorized Operator, we first inspect the property for signs of termites.
  2. Sentricon Stations are placed strategically in the soil around the home. The simple installation requires no trenching or extensive digging.
  3. The bait is immediately available to termites upon entering the station.
  4. We return on a regular basis to monitor and re-bait the stations as needed.

Environmentally Responsible

The bait is used in limited amounts so that there is no threat to local underwater supplies. Sentricon also contains no label restrictions for use around wells or cisterns. This is the only termite control product awarded with the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

For more information regarding our termite control solution, visit the termite section of our website. You can also reach us 888 MR-CLEGG (888-672-5344) or request service online.

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