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Why Are Stinkbugs Pests in the Wintertime?

Acanthosoma_labiduroides_female01Your home might have been invaded by stinkbugs at some point during your life. These bugs, which are also referred to as shield bugs, are actually called Pentatomoidea and belong to the Heteropetra family of insects. These bugs are easily identified by their shield-like bodies or by the offensive odor that they put off when in danger. So now you know what they are, but why do they invade your home in the winter?

Stinkbugs in the Wintertime

During the spring, stinkbugs are active and feed on vegetables and plants. During the winter, however, they go into a state of hibernation. Just like other bugs that hibernate, the stinkbug looks for a place to spend the winter where the temperature doesn't fall critically low. Unfortunately, your home makes the perfect hibernation spot. This is why you find tons of stinkbugs making homes in your door frames, windows and under the siding of your house during the winter.

Why Stinkbugs Are Pests

Most of the time, stinkbugs aren't considered pests. This is because they don't pose any real threat to plants unless they gather in large numbers. However, homeowners who have had their homes invaded by tons of these little stinky insects know just how pest-like they can be.

The biggest problem with stinkbugs is, of course, the offensive smelling liquid that they excrete from their thorax glands. If the bugs is attacked or bothered in any way, they excrete this liquid to deter predators from eating them. Stinkbugs that are living in your house often see you as a predator and excrete this liquid. This often happens when homeowners attempt to remove the bugs from their houses. The result can be, well, extremely stinky.

Treating Your Home in the Winter

Although stinkbugs become less active in the winter, you may still want to treat your home for insects. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Since there is a bigger chance for insects to be hibernating in or around your home during the winter, treating your home gives you a better chance of limiting their population when the weather starts to warm up. With any luck, you won't have to worry about being invaded by so many stinkbugs the following year.

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