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Testimonial: Full-Scale Assault on Termites

When we come to eradicate termites, we don’t mess around. And while we take termites seriously, we’ll always greet you with a smile. Check out this testimonial from Dave and Meredith who think our customer service is “exceptional”. Stop it, you’re making us blush.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for the exceptional service our family received and has continued to receive from your company upon deciding to change over our termite and pest control needs to Clegg's.... On the morning the crews pulled up to our house, it was a sight to behold. Both termite and pest control crews arrived at the same time. It looked like a full-scale assault. I literally had to go explain to one of my neighbors not to panic, we didn't have termites, we're just upgrading! They were relieved..... On your website you mention great customer service. I would actually change that to exceptional or extraordinary customer service at the very least. While this may be just business as usual at Clegg's, being treated this way is unprecedented and non-existent everywhere else. It did not go unnoticed and it was greatly appreciated.

- David & Meredith B.

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