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What Is a Vapor Barrier and How It Can Help Control Pests?

When it comes to protecting your home, there is a lot more at play than you may be aware. For example, one unseen hero of your home is a vapor barrier. This is a type of material used for damp proofing a house. Usually, a vapor barrier is a simple sheet of foil or plastic. The purpose of using it is to prevent moisture from working its way through your walls and into your house.

Vapor BarriersVapor Barriers and Pest Control

When people hear what a vapor barrier is and what it does, they immediately wonder how it can help in the prevention of pests. When areas of your house have high moisture levels, there is a great chance that your home could become infested with termites. For example, as moisture levels increase in crawl spaces under your home, termites are drawn to it. Termites need only two things to thrive in an environment: a cellulose material, such as wood, and moisture. Putting up a vapor barrier can eliminate one of those needs.

Odor and Mold

The benefits of a vapor barrier go well beyond controlling pest infestations. Vapor barriers can prevent foul odors and mold from developing in areas of your house that are exposed to high moisture. Once again, look at a crawl space as an example. The most common problem with any crawl space that lacks insulation is that it will have high moisture levels. As these moisture levels start to rise, fungi can take hold. This is bad for a number of reasons, but maybe the most important reason is that mold is bad for your health.

Protecting Your Floors

Vapor barriers can also protect your floors because they block the moisture that arises from damp soil underneath your house. This prevents the insulation in your floor from becoming damp. Damp insulation doesn't work as it should and costs you more in heating and cooling costs. Also, if you have wood floors, high moisture levels can cause the floors to warp. This is a problem that can cause thousands of dollars in repairs in the event that you ever have to replace the floors.

When you are ready for professional help, Clegg's provides free inspections to let you know if you have termites and a free consult on how to resolve your moisture control problems. For more information on pest control or vapor barriers, contact Clegg’s online or phone at 888-672-5344.


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