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What Is a Camel Cricket?

1280px-CeuthophiluscricketAlthough scientists may have overlooked the camel cricket for the last few decades, recent studies indicate that there may be more camel crickets than humans in the United States. This cricket is native to Asia, but it has taken hold of American basements and homes. The invasive species is similar to spider crickets and has an arched back. Typically mottled brown in color, they became established in the country in the 19th century.

What Is a Camel Cricket?

This insect features large hind legs and long antennae. Normally, they like to live in cold, damp areas like hollow trees or under boards. Camel crickets also like to live within stacks of firewood, drains and sewers. They can also sometimes live in basements because they are typically cooler than other areas of the house. Normally, the camel cricket is more active at night.

What Do They Eat?

Since it cannot rely on sight during the darkness, it uses its sense of touch to find food. Accustomed to living in caves and basements, the camel cricket can go long periods of times without having enough food. They look similar to spiders and eat the fungi that grows on damp walls, wood and leaves. If there is not enough fungi available, the camel cricket will resort to eating cardboard, wood or even each other. In Australia, there is a species that has been known to eat its own legs if it has gone without food for long enough.

Do You Have Camel Crickets?

Since camel crickets are active at night you are not likely to see them, but if you see frass, or excrement, you may have a problem. When you have a large population in your basement, their frass is easy to see. It will stain your walls a dark brown color in a large area if you have a major infestation issue.

Professional Assistance

There are many ways to control your camel cricket population, such as using sticky traps, but a professional is the most effective remedy. For assistance, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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