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What Is A Fishfly?

fishflyA fishfly is a type of flying insect common in the southern United States but also found in other parts of the country. Though similar to the mayfly, these insects are larger in size and live longer too. While mayflies will generally only live for around 24 hours after reaching adulthood, fishflies can live for up to a full week. These flies are often larger in size and can grow to around three inches long or even longer. They tend to live off tadpoles and other small types of marine animals that grow in local ponds and rivers. While the bugs are not as harmful as you might think, you may want to get rid of the fishflies living in your yard.

Signs of an Infestation

The most common sign of a fishfly infestation is simply a large presence of insects. Like mayflies, fishflies are attracted to bright lights and will often seek out nearby light sources. If you spend time outside in your yard at night, you'll often see the bugs hovering near your porch lights or any candles. If you leave your doors or windows open, the insects may also fly inside and hover on or around your lights. Those who have ponds or swimming pools may also find dead fishflies floating in the water.

Are Fishflies Dangerous?

Fishflies are more annoying than dangerous. The insects feed off small animals they find in the water but will not bite humans. These bugs are so popular that several states and cities actually host fishfly festivals every year. If you spend a lot of time outside in the warmer months though, you'll find that the bugs wreak havoc on your life. The insects often travel in large swarms, and those swarms can grow so large that the bugs actually block out any light sources.

Professional Assistance

Many people simply ignore fishflies because they know that the insects serve an important purpose. These bugs feed on baby marine animals that would otherwise grow and possibly wipe out other animals or plant life in an area. Contact Clegg’s Pest Control if you would like to learn more about fly control. You can also reach Clegg’s on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation.

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