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What is a Smokybrown Cockroach?

Cockroach_egglaying_3The smokybrown cockroach, also known as Periplaneta fuliginosa, is a large-species, winged cockroach. While only slightly smaller than its relative, the American cockroach, this cockroach is identifiable by its uniform dark-brown or mahogany coloration.

Where Do They Live?

This type of cockroach is partial to a humid, temperate climate and is found in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and some areas of California. They prefer this type of climate due to their inability to tolerate the cold. In addition, they tend to dry out quickly, which requires them to seek moist areas. The Smokybrown cockroach can be found in rotting leaves or wood, flower beds, mulched areas, and gardens. Once inside a building they will continue to seek out moist areas such as crawlspaces and basements.

What Do They Eat?

The Smokybrown cockroach obtains its nutrients from decomposing plant and animal parts. Once they have gained access to a home, they will eat any organic matter found there. Ideal places for them to feed are in trash cans and in garbage that is readily accessible. They are also attracted to pet food that has been left out.

How Do They Get Into a Home or Building?

While the Smokybrown cockroach prefers to live outdoors, they may seek shelter if the climate becomes too cool. When this happens, it will search for access to a building. Entry can be gained through small cracks and crevices along foundation walls or through tears or holes in window screens. They are also attracted to the light and will fly in through open windows and doors. In addition, moist firewood brought in from outside is also an easy form of transportation for these pests.

How to Control Them

Ridding your home and property of these pests requires preparation and attention to detail. Be sure to perform a thorough cleaning by removing rotting leaves from the ground, gutters and roof. Take care to seal cracks along the exterior foundation of buildings. Fix and seal leaks in the home that could attract these moisture-seeking pests. Do not leave pet food sitting out. Once you have performed a thorough clean up you will need to treat the exterior of your home with an insecticide. This will establish a perimeter around the home preventing the Smokybrown cockroach from re-entering the property.

Professional Assistance

For questions on Smokybrown cockroaches or for professional assistance, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.


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