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What is So Great About the Great Golden Digger Wasp?

SphexpensylvanicusTypically the general public thinks of wasps as undesirable. As insects, they are often seen as both a nuisance and harmful. In some ways, this stereotype holds water, but the great golden digger wasp does quite a bit of good for the environment. The following are some of the central, positive characteristics of this species of wasp.

A Bit of Background

The great golden digger wasp falls within the genus of Sphex, and this particular wasp lives and thrives in North America. Essentially, this means that this particular wasp belongs to a broader genus of predators that effectively paralyzes other insects with its venom. Once these wasps have stung and paralyzed their prey, they then get busy digging a hole, where they will eventually place their prize. More often than not, the prey of these wasps are left alive and have just been shocked and paralyzed by their toxins.

How Do These Insects Impact Human Beings?

Most homeowners want to run at the sight of wasps; and, they are not to be blamed for this. After all, certain wasps are known to sting often and disrupt peoples’ outdoor activities. However, the great golden digger wasp is one that you will want to retain and actually keep on your property.

Although its size and coloration look both foreign and scary, these wasps are notoriously gentle, and they are very rarely known to sting. In addition, because these wasps are known to trap and paralyze other insects, they are actually quite beneficial to your outdoor space. You may very well want to think about these wasps as a natural form of pest control.

How to Cope With the Great Golden Digger Wasp

Now that some of the benefits of the great golden digger wasp have been outlined, many people want to know how to handle them when found on their property. The main piece of advice that experts provide is to leave them alone. These wasps are incredibly curious, but they are also highly unlikely to cause you any harm. So, do not bat violently at them or provoke them. It is best that you let them go about their business. When you observe them crawling about the greenery of your garden, keep in mind that these wasps are actually doing quite a bit of good in eliminating pests from your green space. However, if at any time you feel as if these wasps are becoming a pest, it is best to contact a trusted pest control company.

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