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What Should I Do About My Mole Problem?

220px-Taupe_doreeAlthough some view them as cute, moles are actually pests that can ruin your landscaping and reduce the value of your property. Since moles live underground, it can be challenging to draw them out or deal with them, but there are several methods to help control them. Read on to learn some ways of dealing with the mole problems in your yard.

Spray Repellents

Moles have terrible eyesight, but they make up for their lack of vision with a strong sense of smell. For that reason, one method of dealing with moles is to spray a combination of caster oil and dish soap or water on the ground in and around their tunnels. While this can be a deterrent, it is far from 100 percent effective. Plus, the repellent needs to be reapplied every time that it rains, as the scent washes away.

Repellent Plants

Many gardeners and landscapers swear that specific plants can discourage moles from digging tunnels nearby. Both garlic and chocolate lilies are popular, natural options to repel moles from a specific area. Unfortunately, this is more of a preventative measure, as it may takes months for these plants to grow and it is far from a complete deterrent.

Worm Control

Moles eat worms, so one approach to mole control is to get rid of the grubs altogether. While this might sound like a foolproof plan, the reality is that eliminating all worms is nearly impossible. Rather than focusing your efforts on getting rid of the worms, creating a strategy to eliminate moles is typically far more effective.

Ultrasonic or Vibrating Devices

Popular on the market are stakes that go into the ground and either emit vibrations or ultrasonic sounds that are unpleasant to moles. This can be effective in some cases, but these devices may be unsightly, and some moles are quite simply not bothered by either sensation.

Professional Assistance

If you truly want to help control your mole problem, then the most effective approach is to use a specific poison bait that attracts moles because it looks like their typical worm diet. Once the mole ingests the bait, they will die. This is the only truly comprehensive approach to controlling moles in your yard or your garden, and it can be efficiently handled by professionals who are experts at mole control. If you have questions or to hire a professional team to take care of your moles, contact Clegg’s online or on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.

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