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What's so lovely about ladybugs?

ladybugAdorable, flying beetles with bright red shells and polka dots seem to put a smile on both children's and adults' faces in the springtime. Ladybugs often appear out of nowhere, dropping onto an arm or nearby leaf to rest. However, larger numbers of ladybugs congregate for winter's chill in the fall. And these congregation points could be in your home if active barriers aren't implemented.

Beneficial for the Garden

While you don’t want them inside your home, lady bugs are not all bad, especially for your yard. Allow ladybugs to roam about your garden. Their small size makes them perfect predators for mealybugs and aphids. These tiny pests eat away at edibles, foliage and flowers. The ladybugs simply want these insects as a meal, not your gorgeous garden. Even a small group of a dozen ladybugs isn't a problem in the garden. They'll spread out to create natural pest control.

Indoor Headaches with Ladybugs

When cooler fall weather arrives, ladybugs look for a perfect place to hibernate. Because they're cold-blooded, they cannot fly effectively in the fall or winter. Your home becomes a wonderful winter home. They'll find their way into wall crevices and under carpets. You may even find them under rugs or in floor cracks. Any space they can fit gives them a warm area to wait out the cold weather.

Small Infestation Solution

The moment you see an infestation, consider using the vacuum to remove them. A hose extension allows you to suck up the ladybugs without harming your home. You may need to repeat this vacuuming to find other ladybugs moving in. To keep them from perpetually moving indoors, use caulk to seal all crevices and cracks. With no access, ladybugs move onto the next home for refuge.

Calling in the Big Guys

A major infestation requires the help of a trained professional. A huge ladybug group could eventually attract other pests, such as spiders. The arachnids could be looking for warmth and a meal in your home. Before any infestations grow out of control, professionals can find all the access points and fill them quickly. Using pesticide foggers on ladybugs is typically not a solution because of their location and staining abilities when killed off. You don't want stained floors from ladybug residues.

Because ladybugs are typically good for a property's yard, it's never a smart idea to eradicate them all from the area. While Clegg’s does not service lady bugs, we always like to provide our customers with insect information. However, if you have problems with any other type of pest, we’d love to help. Contact Clegg’s online or via phone at 888-672-5344.

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